“So, um… you spelled ‘neighborhood’ wrong.”

Nope, I didn’t!  My last name is Nabors.  Get it?  “Neighbor”hood?  “Nabor”hood?  It’s a pun!  Yes, indeed…
(crickets chirping)

Anyway, this is my personal blog where I will write about whatever moves me.  “The Naborhood” is my oh-so-clever name for the space between my ears.  I have a wide range of interests and will write about whatever I find exciting, interesting, or impossible to remove from my thoughts otherwise.  My first blog post pretty much says it all.  The goal of each of my posts is to do at least one of the following:

Enlighten:  With so much going on in this world concerning race, poverty, and other issues, I want to be a voice to let people know what’s going on as well as provide some thoughts to marinate on.
Encourage:  It is too easy to become jaded and cynical (especially considering the things going on in this world).  The Naborhood is a place where I hope my experiences can be an encouragement to others.
Entertain:  I’ll admit it–I’m kind of a goofy guy.  If my corny jokes comedic genius can at least slightly brighten your day, then I will know that my writing is not in vain.

Welcome to the Naborhood.  Pull up a chair.  Get comfortable.


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