3 Things I Love About Being Married

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Lists, Relationships
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I liked it, so I put a ring on it.

I cannot believe it is already June.  As a student, I could hardly wait for summer to come and the months seemed to drag on by as midterms and finals terrorized my piece of mind.  I am a true believer that during the summer, Seattle is the most beautiful place in the country.  Am I biased?  Most definitely.  But the combination of greenery, lakes and sunshine is almost too much to resist.  Granted, Seattle summers don’t usually actually start until about mid-late July but I’ve enjoyed the bits of sun that we’ve been getting already.  I’ll admit it: I am most definitely a better person across the board when the sun is shining.

Definitely my favorite thing about the month of June in particular is that the 9th of this month is my wedding anniversary.  3 years ago, I was blessed to marry the most amazing woman I have ever met.  Our entire 2 year pre-marriage relationship was long distance (she lived in Texas) and so we had a special appreciation for finally getting married.  In honor of 3 years of marriage, I present to you 3 things I absolutely love about being married.  A warning to the squeamish or to the cynical: there will most definitely be some gag-worthy sweetness going on in this post.  Just letting you know for the sake of full disclosure.

1) Intimacy

This goes way beyond physical intimacy.  Sure that’s definitely enjoyable but the fact is that my wife is truly my best friend.  I can talk to her about literally anything and we are able to engage in even difficult or painful conversations.  I totally trust her and feel at ease being completely vulnerable with her.  I’m not gonna lie–I definitely dealt with my fair share of loneliness while I was single.  And while marriage is not a cure for that, it certainly makes a huge difference to be known like she knows me.  The fact that she trusts me enough to be honest with her own heart–her dreams, her insecurities, her concerns–really means the world to me.

2) Support

They say behind every great man is a great woman.  If we can excuse the somewhat sexist undertones of that statement, my experience is in 100% agreement with this.  It’s pretty crazy, when I think about it.  My wife has the ability to make me feel like I can literally do dang near anything with her words of support.  On the reverse side, she could also make me feel incapable of even the simplest things.  But the fact that she chooses to use her words to uplift me and have my back is something that is extremely encouraging to me.  And I can tell that she’s not just gassing me: she really does believe in me.  Case in point, conversations with her has lead to me beginning the process of considering graduate school when this was not at all in my immediate plans.  Great stuff.

3) Love

Love.  A word that comes and goes.  But few people really know what it means to truly love somebody.  A great poet once penned these words.  My wife has shown me what love really looks like.  This applies to how she treats me, and how she treats those around her.  Even though I screw up all the time and am incredibly selfish with many of the choices that I make, she continues to love me and forgive me and extend grace towards me.  She knows me.  I mean REALLY knows me.  Warts and all, as the saying goes.  Yet she chooses to continue to love me.  She is a great human representation of what God’s love looks like.  Don’t get me wrong.  She’ll definitely let a brotha know when I’m trippin.  But see, it would be hard to believe that she really loved me if she didn’t have the boldness to tell me when I was wrong too.  She cares for me, is concerned for my well-being, and wants the absolute best for me.  It’s great to be married to someone who feels this way about me.

Ok, I think I’ve filled my “sappy post” quotient for the year.  My marriage is certainly not perfect but I love my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed being with her.  We are road tripping to L.A. tomorrow morning to visit the bay area and then Disneyland’s cheaper play-cousin, Magic Mountain.  We have yet to have a “true” vacation (i.e. one not marked by personal tragedy or disaster) so this will be a great time for us.  Wish us well and pray for safe travels for us!

  1. Marselais Peltier says:

    Being a newlywed myself, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I pray that as you continue to love one another, you keep in mind that your marriage is a ministry to others, both married & single alike. I’ve just recently came to this realization and in what I’m sure can sound weird to some, it’s driven me to love my husband that much deeper, support him that much more, and stand by him that much stronger.

    Congrats to you both! 😀

  2. Nancy says:

    Have a wonderful time on your road trip. Hope it’s a great trip for you two.

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